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Products Details

Clutch motor

    Product features:

    Highly accurate positioning.
    One-shot positioning and Multi-Positioning modes, operation is handy and raise your work efficiency.
    Low noise, low vibration and low power consumption.
    CPU control. Software/Hardware 2-Way protection system, product lift is longer.
    Switching power supply system, safety and better for energy saving.(160V-280VAC)
    Powerful parameter system, easy adjustment.
    The interior is a substrate, easy for maintainace.
    Hardware barrier break though, powerful parameter additionustment more machines can be use with wider range for more applications.
    It can choose an external AC 110V or 220V power products
    ECO-circuit design, conform to each safety standard and ROHS directive, less pollution, let us do our part to preserve the environment.
    This product EER(energy efficiency ratio) is as high as 87%, surpassing the EU EFF1 standard requirments.
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