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The components of a sewing machine

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A typical sewing machine consists of four parts: the head, base, transmission, and accessories.
The machine head is the main part of a sewing machine. It is composed of four mechanisms: piercing, hooking, thread picking, and feeding, as well as auxiliary mechanisms such as winding, pressing, and tooth dropping. The movements of each mechanism are reasonably coordinated and work in a cyclic manner to sew the seam material together.
The machine base is divided into two forms: a platform and a chassis. The platen of the platen type machine seat serves as a support for the machine head and is used as a workbench during sewing operations. There are various styles of tabletops, including one or more bucket folding style, cabinet style, writing desk style, etc. The chassis of the chassis type machine seat plays a role in supporting and storing the machine head, making the sewing machine easy to carry and store.
The transmission part of a sewing machine is composed of components such as a frame, a hand crank, or an electric motor. The rack is the pillar of the machine, supporting the platform and foot pedal. When in use, the operator steps on the foot pedal, drives the pulley to rotate through the crank, and then drives the machine head to rotate through the belt. Most hand crankers or electric motors are directly installed on the machine head.
The accessories of a sewing machine include needles, shuttle cores, screwdrivers, oil pots, etc.