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Categories of Sewing Machines

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According to the purpose of sewing machines, they can be divided into household sewing machines, industrial sewing machines, and service industry sewing machines located between the two; According to the driving mode, it can be divided into hand operated, foot operated, and electric sewing machines; According to the stitches sewn, they can be divided into hand stitch, lock stitch, single thread chain stitch, double or multi thread chain stitch, single or multi thread edge wrapped chain stitch, and multi thread covered chain stitch sewing machines.
Household sewing machine
In the early days, they were mostly single needle, hand operated sewing machines. Later, electric driven sewing machines were invented and have always become the mainstream in the market. According to its mechanism and thread form, it can be roughly classified as JA type, JB type, JG type, and JH type. JG type household electronic multifunctional sewing machine, a type of household sewing machine.
Industrial sewing machine
Most of the industrial sewing machines belong to general-purpose sewing machines, including flat sewing machines, chain sewing machines, quilting machines, overlock sewing machines, and tension sewing machines, among which flat sewing machines have the highest usage rate.