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618 sets of foreign aid household sewing machines are all from Jinyun

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Recently, 618 units produced by Jinyun County Qilong Machinery Co., Ltd., a foreign-owned household sewing machine with a value of 230,000 yuan, were successfully transported to Fiji after passing the strict inspection by the Lishui Inspection and Quarantine Bureau. This is the first batch of foreign aid materials that the city has left in the past 10 years.

After receiving the notice of foreign aid inspection by the Ministry of Commerce and the General Administration of the Lishui Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, the Lishui Office first publicized the relevant management measures for the inspection of foreign aid materials to the production enterprises, and informed in advance the matters needing attention when preparing for foreign aid materials, so that the enterprises can keep abreast of relevant matters. The methods and regulations for the inspection of foreign aid materials fully understand the political sensitivity of foreign aid materials and the importance of ensuring the quality and safety of foreign aid materials.

At the same time, the Jinyun office conscientiously carried out the inspection and supervision of the batch of goods, verified the progress of the production of the enterprise in a timely manner, and guided the enterprises to apply for the declaration of foreign aid materials inspection, and the technical performance, quantity, quality and quality of the goods. The contents are inspected in strict accordance with the relevant work specifications and contract requirements to ensure that the batch of household sewing machines meet the relevant requirements. As the Jinyun office is fully prepared and strictly inspected, the company actively cooperates to make the batch of products smoothly and safely shipped out in a short period of time.